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The only social media tool you'll ever need.

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QID is a mobile-friendly web application
....That organizes all your contact info and social media.
....Loads it onto your customer's smart device.
....Adds an incentive to share your information with their friends.
Features and Benefits of QID:
Easy to Build
QID development takes place the same day. Simply fill out an information form, upload a photo, choose an incentive...and you're done.
Easy to Customize
Login to your QID management console and make changes instantly. Change your splash or coupon from your computer or phone. Modify the buttons in a single click.
Easy to Expand
Start with one QID for your company or group, and easily expand to your employees, franchisees, players, products, properties, books and more.
Viral Sharing Made Easy
No matter where you use QID, "Share to Redeem" reaches through your customers to promote your business on their social media networks. QID brings viral sharing into the real world!

BadgeQ is the most popular of our "paperless event" products and offers lead retrieval for exhibitors and attendees using their smart phone and attendee name badges. BadgeQ is a QR Code and/or NFC placed on event name badges that allows event attendees to scan the QR Code or tap the NFC on the name badge to swap contact information into their respective smart devices.

SessionQ is a BadgeQ companion product that allows event attendees to scan a QR Code outside a session or get scanned via the QR Code on their name badge to check-in and check-out of sessions or breakouts. Attendees are able to complete evaluation surveys on their smart device as part of the checkout process and receive reports and certificates of completion via email.

TreasureQ is the most enjoyable of the BadgeQ companion products. Treasure maps containing a QR Code or NFC are placed at strategic locations throughout your event venue. Attendees participate in a modern day 'treasure hunt' by locating the treasure maps and then using their smart phone to scan or tap and....a question related to your event appears. Whoever answers the most questions right...wins!

PrizeQ is a BadgeQ companion product that allows attendees to electronically register for door prizes or exhibitor giveaways. PrizeQ eliminates the need to complete forms, place business cards in fish bowls, or hold onto carnival tickets.

Do Attendees Have Smart Devices?
Conferences 87%
Trade Shows 90%
Networking Groups 92%
Conventions 89%
company history
In 2010, Claire Chmela started using QR Codes on real estate signs in Southwest Florida. "My real estate signs had multiple codes...one went to the broker website, one to the MLS property listing, one to the virtual tour, one to register for the open house, one to call the agent. You get the idea. We thought, "There must be a way to create one QR code that provides all the functionality in a single location....and the QID was born."
Why Choose QID?
QID is a mobile friendly web application...not a QR Code. Web applications are an interactive and powerful way to engage your customers, incent them to purchase, and enroll them to promote your business to their friends and followers on social media.
Since QID is a mobile web application, customers can launch it using their browser by typing in their QID URL, or they can scan a QR Code, or tap an NFC, or use new technologies that will surface in the future.
QID is a web application not an Apple,Android or Blackberry App...which means that you don't have to go to your mobile store and download anything. And best of all...it works on any device.
QID is designed to organize your digital profile; make it easy for your customer to retrieve onto their smart device; and incent your customers to share your information with their family and friends. As an organizational tool, QID makes is fast and easy to make modifications and corrections as your business and your life changes.
QID is Expanding
QID is not just for businesses. Companies, event planners, global networking groups, and universities are leveraging QID as a social media strategy for their people.
Our Services
QID helps organize your contact data, website, and social media accounts. If you need a website, Facebook, or logo...our professional services can help.
  • Website Design

    Let us design your website with the same team of professionals that built QID.

  • Graphic Design

    Don't just take the first design that comes along, trust our graphic artists who have built thousands of QID splash pages and corporate logos to give your company the same professional look that QID enjoys.

  • Video Services

    QIDs with YouTube buttons get more visitors and shares. Let us make your corporate video today.

  • Social Media Sites

    Need your own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest? Ask about building your social media pages at the same time, you build your QID.

  • Expert Speaking

    Want to have a QID professional speak to your company or present at your event? We teach best practices to get social media exposure presented in a way that can be absorbed even by a non-tech-savvy audience.


QID trial


  1. Includes One QID
  2. Up to 100 Scans
  3. Up to 10 Shares
  4. Custom Mobile Application
  5. Hotlinks to Digital Profile
  6. Limited Support




  1. QID Professional
  2. Custom Mobile Application
  3. Unlimited Scans
  4. Unlimited Shares
  5. Full Support
  6. Card Caddy Feature

QID For Events



  1. BadgeQ Name Tags
  2. SessionQ Session Tracking
  3. TreasureQ Event Activity
  4. PrizeQ - Door Prize Entry
  5. On Sight Support

QID For Groups



  1. For Companies
  2. For Networking Groups
  3. For Publishers
  4. For Auto Dealerships
  5. For Realtors

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